1. The purpose of this book is exhortation to advance in light by standing in the true grace of God through equipping and support grace.  Verse 5:12
This is amplified by the SEVEN THEREFORES of application.

2. The initial focus is on basic salvation doctrines.
     A. Salvation provision
     B. Salvation security
     C. Salvation joy

3. Exhortation to trust in basic salvation doctrines. Verses 1:12-13.
    The FIRST THEREFORE - verse 13.
     A. Having prepared your minds: utilized equipping grace.
     B. Being balanced: mental stability based on basic salvation doctrines.
     C. Express trust:  Faith-rest that utilizes support grace (promises) concerning salvation reality.

4. Exhortation to character production (love) through the power of God's word in the soul.
Verses 1:22-25.
Verse 22, "constantly love one another from the heart."
This is an aorist active imperative of LOVE (agapao) with the adverb, ektenōs to indicate both
intensity and frequency (fervently and constantly).

5. Exhortation to pursue basic doctrine in order to begin building the character structure of love
    Verses 2:1-3. The SECOND THEREFORE (verse 2:1)).

6. Orientation to priesthood and service. Verses 2:4-10 (basic equipping).

7. Recognition of sin nature lusts and the antagonistic environment. Verse 2:11 (basic equipping).

8. Exhortation to moral consistency. Keep your behavior excellent - verse 2:12.

9. Orientation to undeserved suffering. Verses 1:18-25; 3:9, 13-17

10. THE THIRD THEREFORE: After orientation to Christ's victory on the cross . . .
     A. Arm yourselves with the same in-thinking (ennoia). Verses 4:1-2
     B. Exhortation to claim support grace as per verse 2:23.

11. THE FOURTH THEREFORE: After orientation to divine justice and the spiritual
      conflict (verses 4:5-7), and the progress of the divine agenda (verse 4:8a) . . .
     A. Exhortation to have wise thinking and balance in prayer ministry.
     B. Exhortation to service related to love of the brethren and spiritual gifts.

12. THE FIFTH THEREFORE (verse 4:19): After orientation to the conflict, service
     and undeserved suffering (verses 4:12-18), exhortation to trust God consistent
     adherence to divine policy.

13. THE SIXTH THEREFORE (verse 5:1): Exhortation to maintain the growth process
     by keeping in tact the primary purpose of the local church. Verses 5:1-5.

14. THE SEVENTH THEREFORE (verse 5:6): After warning against creature rebellion,
     exhortation to humility pursuit of truth in spite of the many and varied pressures
     designed to distract the believer from God's purpose. Verses 5:6-10.

15. Verse 5:12: A final statement of the divine purpose, as each of the 7 therefores have
     already declared.




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