There are some who believe that the return of the Lord will be marked by a celebration of the feast of trumpets.
This is not supported by Scripture.

According to Mat. 21:42-43, the responsibility of representing the kingdom of God on the earth has been temporarily taken away from the nation of Israel and given to the church.
According to Mat. 23:38, the temple has been left to the Jews as desolate.
It was destroyed in 70 AD and remains that way until this very day. And will not become real until a VALID temple is built in the Mil. kingdom.
Everything that is done BY them as a NATION until then, is done in unbelief, as they have rejected Jesus as the Messiah-Savior.

The 3 spring feasts were fulfilled by Jesus at the first advent.
The 4 Autumn feasts will be fulfilled by Jesus AFTER He returns and sets up His
millennial kingdom.
The first feast is the feast of trumpets. 7th month, first day.
This cannot be celebrated until there is an ANOINTED (by the Glory of God) temple in Jerusalem. Ezek 43:1-7.
The pseudo temple allowed by the 7-year covenant (Dan. 9:27) at the midpoint of the week does not qualify (Rev. 11:1-2).
Anyway, that temple will be violated at the midpoint of the week when the beast sets up the abomination of desolation in the Holy Place (Mat. 24:15). Jesus will return at the 6th seal symbol several months AFTER the desecration of the pseudo temple, and there will be NO celebration of the feast of trumpets at that time because the beast will still be in the process of KILLING Jews and Christians - especially in Jerusalem. Later that pseudo temple will be destroyed along with the abomination 30 days after the end of the week (Dan. 12:11), after the battle of Armageddon. The 7th trumpet ends the week and announces the 3rd woe which is the 7 bowls. Armageddon will occur in connection with bowls 6 and 7.
The kingdom will be established 45 days after Armageddon (Dan. 12:12) and a new temple will be built after that (Ezek. 40-43).
So once the new temple is built and dedicated, the feast of trumpets will be celebrated on the first day of the 7th month. It CANNOT be celebrated before that because the celebration requires several burnt offerings; one bull, one ram, and 7 male lambs. Numbers 29:1-2.
Therefore, the feast of trumpets will not and CANNOT be celebrated in connection with the 7th trumpet of Rev. 10:7 and 11:15. Nor does the celebration of the feast of trumpets have ANYTHING to do with the ARRIVAL of Jesus. The reason for the celebration of this feast is because God has regathered His people into their land - IN THE KINGDOM, and the ENTIRE NATION will be believers in Jesus the Messiah/Savior. Thus, as Paul wrote. "and thus all Israel will be saved." Rom. 11:26-27.



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