1. Listed at Rom 12:8: The one who gives.
metodidomi (present active participle) to share with others

2. To determine its function we must recognize some principles.

A. It is a spiritual gift based on its presence and place in a list that is very clearly one of spiritual gifts.

B. Therefore, it is Divine ability to fulfill a function for the mutual benefit of the church. I Cor. 12:4-6

C. Giving is a priestly sacrifice and service for all believers which does not require Divine ability but simply the mental attitude of grace and fellowship.

D. Therefore, this gift cannot be any special ability to "give of one's material resources" since all believers have the same capacity of soul to be a "giver."

E. So it must be a type of ability different from the other gifts in the list, but one that complements them and provides what they do not.

3. This gift is Divine ability and insight to organize and administrate finances for the smooth function of the local church.

A. Operating expenses

B. Personal needs of the sheep. Acts 2:4-5; 4:32, 34; 6:1-4;
1 Cor. 12:25-26; 1 John 3:17-18; James 2:14-16.

4. The word metadidomi: 5 times - to share with others.

A. Providing spiritual benefit: Rom 1:1

B. Giving of self: the idea of total dedication 1 Thes. 2:8

C. Material assistance: Eph 4:28; Lk 3:1l; Rom 12:8.

D. In each case it presupposes having something to give, and the ability to properly administrate it.

5. The function of this gift is further amplified by the word associated with it at Rom l2:8, aplotās.

A. It means, simplicity: no fan fare, no promotions, no gimmicks, no strings attached. It is not given as a loan.

B. sincerity: pure motivation from grace that gives of self.

C. uprightness: in conformity with moral integrity - honesty.

D. frankness: objectivity; No emotionalism.

E. generosity: grace orientation that gives of time, energy and material resources.

6. Guidelines for recognizing this gift.

A. Basically, inclinations in the area of financial abilities guided by the desire to serve the Lord

B. It has nothing to do with ability in this area prior to your salvation.

C. There may be overlap, but after salvation it will express itself in a totally different way.

7.occupational hazards to be aware of: Basically one vital one -- losing the grace perspective.
Thus using emotionalism, and other pressure tactics and gimmicks to get people to give their money.
Accordingly, it is imperative that the "giving" gift has an understanding of the doctrine of RICH MINDEDNESS.


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