1. Recognize the effects of the antagonistic environment.
    Mat. 26:11; Deut. 15:11 – the poor are always with you.
     Topic: the poor (detailed study)

   A. The physical environment: loss of health, possessions or provider.
   B. Oppression from others (via the sin nature) which deprives people of possessions and property.
        See topics:  stealing and deception

2. General welfare provisions in the nation of Israel.
   A. The third tithe: Deut. 14:28-29
        See topic: tithing

   B. Doctrine of Gleaning
   C. Year of remission:  Deut. 15:1-11

   D. Year of Jubilee:  Lev. 25:8-17 (23-34)

   E. No interest charged: Lev. 25:35-37

   F. Indentured service should be viewed as employment. Lev. 25:39-41 with vs. 44-46

3. But giving to the poor is not automatically a good deed pleasing to God.

    John 12:1-8; Mark 6:1-2; Mat. 26:6-13

4. True Christianity has 2 basic character expressions:  James 1:27

    A. Spiritual purity: keeping self unspotted from the world includes moral purity.

    B. Moral generosity: remember the widows and orphans

5. Christian love involves material generosity directed to fellow believers. Romans 12:13

    A. James 2:15-16

    B. 1 John 3:17-18

6. Early Christian teaching concerning the poor. Galatians 2:10

   A. Acts 2:41-47; 4:32-35

   B. Not mandated. Just their way of dealing with it at that time.

   C. Later, this “communal” arrangement is not found in the church or in teachings.

7. Moral responsibility for welfare recipients in the church.

   A. 2 Thes. 3:7-12

   B. 1 Tim. 5:3-16

8. The provision of welfare is extended to other churches. Acts 11:27-30

9. Topic: Giving


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