These outlines are intended as "teaching guides" to the study of any particular topic. The outlines may leave many unanswered questions as to details since those details would be answered in the process of teaching from the scripture references provided. In addition, there may be vocabulary references and subject references that are unfamiliar. Hopefully before too long, all the necessary topics will be available to provide a balanced and complete theology.

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The Occult

Old Sin Nature: See Sin Nature

One world government

Darkness: outer darkness

The Occult

1. Definition: Any activity that involves contact or influence from spiritual sources other than God or God's angels; either directly or indirectly; knowingly or unknowingly; through possession or association.

2. Biblical classification of occult activity: Deut. 18:10-12; Is. 47:13; 19:3; Ex. 7:11

A. Deut. 18:10-12

1. Human sacrifice:

a. Connected with organized worship of Satan and demons. Psalm 106:34-39

b. Or idolatry in general: 1 Cor. 10:20; Gal. 4:8; Rev. 9:20; Deut. 32:17

2. Uses divination: qAsam + qesem

Basically, fortune telling and decision making by using any of a variety of tools or gimmicks.

a. shakes the arrows: belomancy - Ezek. 21:21

b. consults the teraphim: idolamancy - Ezk. 21:21

c. looks at the liver: splagchnomancy - Ezk. 21:21

d. water: hydromancy - connected with interpreting omens and events.

Gen. 44:5, 15, nAchash: piel inf. + piel imperfect

Gen. 30:27, piel perfect of nAchash

e. by rods (staffs): rabdomancy - Hos. 4:12

f. Divination was used in connection with calling upon the dead. 1 Sam. 28:8

g. Related to demon possession at Acts 16:16.

h. It also involves the "cursing" or "blessing" of people and things. The sorcerer would enlist the demons to bring such effects into the lives of people. Such a phenomenon would tend to get people's eyes off the Messianic promise and onto the darkness philosophy of the spirit world. Cursing uses the verb, arar, and refers to pronouncing or calling down on someone, negative effects to affect their life.
Sometimes such divination involved the pronouncement of positive effects in someone's life, using the word, barak.
Balaam was a sorcerer who practiced divination (qesem) to curse or to bless people. Numbers 22:6-7
At Job 3:8, the sorcerers are called, "the cursers of the day."

3. Practices witchcraft: Anan - another word for occult activity with emphasis on dissemination of occult knowledge. (involves fortune telling.)

a. Technically, there is no difference between witchcraft and sorcery.

b. Deut. 18:14 with Lev. 19:26

c. Is. 2:6 and 57:3

d. 2 Kings 21:6

e. Jeremiah 27:9

4. Interpretation of omens: nAchash - Gen. 30:27; 44:5, 15. This is the philosophy that every overt circumstance has hidden spiritual meaning.

5. Sorcery: using ritual, incantations and drugs to relate the supernatural to physical life and environment.

a. kAshaph: translated by the Greek, pharmakeia to indicate the association with drugs.

b. This is the actual practice of inter-relating with demons and utilizing demon powers to bring the supernatural into the physical realm.

c. represented in the NT by the word mageuō and mageia. Acts 8:9-13.

6. Spell casting: chAbhar + chebher

Using chemical and or emotional influence to produce a desired response or action in another person.

a. Use of various types of jewelry involved: amulets

b. This would include the activity of "charming," which is the practice of calling or warding off something or someone.

c. Cf. Is. 47:11, where "charm" includes all the occult activity they were doing.

d. Jeremiah 8:17 and Ec. 10:11

7. Consulting demons: Literally, "one who consults" -

shAal - qal active participle. Two types of demon mentioned.

a. an "ōbh:" a ventriloquist demon used to imitate the voice of someone who has died.

Greek: engastrimuthos

b. a "yiddoniy:" a knowledge demon who possesses all the intimate secrets of the past and is used to verbalize that information in some occult setting.

c. Lev. 20:27; 1 Sam. 28:7; Is. 8:19

8. One who seeks to the dead: dArash - to seek.

With or without demon assistance.

B. Isaiah 47:13: Let these now stand up and save you - -

1. the astrologers: those who divide the heavens.

hAbhar - Qal active participle, refers to the organized system of astrological signs and arrangements.

2. Those who see by the stars: chAzAh - qal active participle

Indicates a prophetic type activity

3. Who predict by the new moon: yAda = to know

Here, in the hiphil participle is used to indicate prophetic activity.

C. Isaiah 19:3, chanters: ittiym (only here). Appealing to the spirit world, "the gods," through ritualistic and repetitive chanting.

1. Related to the "much talking" of Mat. 6:7 (battalogeō)

2. See 1 Kings 18:26 for chanting to Baal.

D. Exodus 7:11, the occult activity of Egypt: "And Pharaoh called" - -

1. The wise men: chAkam: philosophers, ie, moral counselors

2. And the sorcerers: kishāph, piel participle (from kAshaph): this refers to the religious counselors.

3. And they also did, that is, the magicians of Egypt:

chArtōm - general term for the 2 mentioned above. Occultists in general.

4. With their secret arts: Heb - "lat" in the plural

Occult powers and enchantments.

3. The true character of occult activity:

A. It is channeled from demons through the sin nature: Gal. 5:19-20

The fruit of the flesh . . . sorcery (pharmakeia).

B. It produces falsehood: sheqer

1. In general: Ezek. 13:1-7

2. Specific: Jeremiah 27:9-10

C. Therefore, deception: Zech. 10:2; Jer. 29:8 (amplified at Point 8).

D. Inadequacy:

1. Isaiah 47:12-15, 9

2. Dan. 2:2, 10-11, 27-28; 5:5-8

3. Jeremiah 10:2-11

E. It actually produces soul defilement: Lev. 19:31

F. And that results in spiritual neutralization. Deut. 18:13

(tAmiym, "blameless," - relates to spiritual integrity or health)

G. It is detestable to Yahweh (the LORD). Deut. 18:9

H. And those involved with it are detestable to Him. Deut. 18:12

1. And so, it is totally forbidden: Lev. 19:26, 31

2. And carries the death penalty in Israel: Lev. 20:27; Ex. 22:18

3. Contributed to the discipline of physical death for Saul.

1 Chron. 10:13

4. Contributed to Israel's national discipline: 2 Kings 17:17-18

5. Contributed to the destruction of Ninevah: Nahum 3:1-4


4. God does not use occult activity to communicate His truth.

A. Isaiah 45:18-19 with 8:19; 44:25

B. Job 4;12-16 with 33:14-18

5. Satan uses occult activity to imitate divine signs and miracles and get people's eyes off of the character and plan of God as revealed in the Bible. 2 Thes. 2:7-10 with Mat. 24:24

And based on 2 Thes. 2:7, "the mystery of lawlessness is already at work." (lawlessness = anomia = independence from God). Satan has been producing signs and miracles through occult activity for several thousand years. Ex. 7:11; Acts 8:9-11; Mat. 7:22-23; Acts 19:13

6. Proper procedure for dealing with occult paraphernalia is to discard and destroy it.

Acts 19:18-20

7. Comments on the deceptive character of occult viewpoint and activity.

A. Based on 2 Thes. 2:10, "every deception of unrighteousness." And 2Corinthians 11:14, "Satan disguises himself as an angel of light."

B. Deut. 13:1-5; 18:20-22

False prophets who work miracles, but their message proclaims independence from God - idolatry.

C. Mat. 7:22-27

Miracle workers using the name of Christ, but who do not know and practice Bible Truth, and instead cultivate independence from God. (the word - anomia = lawlessness).

D. 2 Thes. 2:7-9, the mystery of lawlessness (anomia).

Independence from God. Using signs, miracles and wonders to promote the religion of reaching personal godhood.

E. Acts 8:9-11,

Using occult magic to promote self as "someone great" so that man is showcased and God is given lip service as at v. 10. Thus, independence from God - following and proclaiming policy that is not His.

F. 1 Cor. 10:20, One may "think" he is worshiping God, but actually it is demons.

G. Acts 16:16, fortune telling: appeals to man's self-centeredness. But accuracy in this field is attributed to demons.

1. They can make expert guesses as to how human nature is going to develop and respond.

2. they can also actually bring about certain things in your life to fulfill previously given predictions.

8. Under the Mosaic law, involvement with the occult carried the death penalty.

Lev. 20:6, 27; Ex. 22:18

However, the "church" has no mandate to put anyone to death for any reason whatever. The church combats spiritual error by proclaiming and living the truths of God's word as revealed in the bible. 2 Cor. 10:3-6

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